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Print Business Central Documents using Power Automate (Desktop)

Some days ago I found a new App “Power Automate” on my fresh installation of Windows 11. My first thought was why should I use Power Automate on my Desktop when there is a online version. So I had a little look

What I saw first, was there are no triggers like in the online version. But except that you have many other actions and controls

Ok nice to automate some basic stuff on my computer. But then I had a closer look and found something which attracted my attention. It was the action print document

Everyone Developing for BC in an SaaS knows the struggle about automated printing. Here is one solution:

  1. Create an API Page for BC
The API is using the PDF Document from API v2 to create a PDF

2) Create a Flow which is looping through unprinted documents and Print them


Easy solution, I get my sample running in 20 minutes


Since there are no triggers, I poll the List every 30 seconds, I didn’t find a better solution.

The Action “Print Document” only takes the filename as parameter, so there is no possibility to choose the printer at the moment, the work around is to set the default printer before you print. But there are also actions for powershell so maybe you could trigger an external programm to print

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